Inauguration Day:
January 20, 2022

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Welcome to Popular Politicians!

Popular Politicians are the first NFT drop community where you can own rare digital artist created generative art NFTs of your favorite Republicans & Democrats. Our first drop will be the most 10 most popular Presidents from each political party.

NFTs in the Press

What are Popluar Politicians?

The team of developers behind the project have come up with rare NFTs of popular US Presidents. The project’s first drop is 20k unique NFTs, representing the 10 most popular Democrat and Republican Presidents. 

We believe there are far too many fictional and cartoon-based copycat NFT projects in the market. Therefore, we have developed something unique that is a great collectible and has great features and utility.

Why Buy a Popular Politician? (PoPo)

When you buy a Popular Politician, you’re not simply buying an item or a provably-rare piece of art. You’re also gaining
membership access to the Popular Politicians Community where you’ll get exclusive benefits and exclusive benefits.


Mint and receive an NFT from your fav political party. Hodl it or flip it!

Users can mint and receive NFTs of the most popular US presidents from either party. The Popular Politicians NFT collections are minted on the Solana blockchain. Solana is a top 5 blockchain, fast-growing, and trusted by the industry. Once the mint is open, the  NFTs are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once they are all minted,  you can only buy them on the secondary market (possibly at significantly higher prices). After we mint and distribute the NFTs, you can hold them (or hodl) to sell them later on as the price appreciates. You’ll have the ability to flip your NFTs to make some profit when the time is right for you.

Access to Special Discord just for your Political Party!

The project will provide an exclusive platform for community members to socialize with people with similar political preferences and even a bipartisan area. You can stay updated about the project and other news through our active Discord Channel. Democrats and Republicans and even Libertarians and Independents have their own representation in their own channels.

Burn and Earn! Burn your rival parties NFTs for rewards.

Owners can even burn the NFTs of their rival parties to get an NFT from their own party plus an increased royalty. Burning an NFT means it can never be owned by anyone. Imagine burning one of your own political rivals plus getting a President from your own party plus increased future royalties. This will reduce supply, and increase prices and demand. Increasing the prices of our own assets is the type of inflation everyone wants!

Inaugural buyers get 10% of resales as royalty (kickbacks) FOREVER!

Do poltiicans get kickbacks? That’s up to you to formulate your own opinion. Owning a Popular Politician (or many) gives you the right to legally get kickbacks on every resale. Since NFTs are on the blockchain and can be programmed with a smart contract, we have built the code so that even if you buy a PoPo, sell it at a profit, and then it is resold, you get 10% of that resale price. For life! And even beyond life as you can pass on your wallet to your heirs.

Plus if you buy a rival party PoPo and burn it, your royalty on the President in your party that you get in exchange comes with a programmatically double royalty of 20% on every resale!

Examples and Rarities

Here are some examples of the NFTs in this collection. Once you mint your own, it will be a one-of-a-kind software-generated digital work of art built from one of 10 Republican or Democratic Presidents (your choice) merged in with over different 80 attributes.  Some attributes are rarer than others which creates even more value. Check out the chart below to see all of the attributes and their NFT rarity values. 

Republican President NFT Examples

Just a small sample of the 10,000 generative art NFTs of your favorite Popular Republicans!

Democratic President NFT Examples

Just a small sample of the 10,000 generative art NFTs of your favorite Popular Democrats!

Team PoPo

Here is our experienced and talented crew that established the Popular Politicians network. We are the face behind the project, and we also take care of PoPo’s compliance, development, social media accounts, discord channels, marketing campaigns, and more.






Tech Mastermind




Marketing Genius


User Experience Guru


PoPo Roadmap

Inauguration Pre-SaleJanuary 20, 2022
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Popular Politicians will hold the inauguration pre-sale of its PoPo NFTs on January 20, 2022. The significance of this date is that every 4 years, US Presidents are sworn in on the same date.

In the pre-sale, only whitelisted users can buy one PoPo by credit card or by digital wallet using SOL. Users can choose from a Republican or Democrat President and will automatically be allocated an NFT by our Solana Candy Machine from the collection of 20,000 PoPo NFTs.
Public LaunchFebruary 2, 2022
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Approximately 2 weeks of the inauguration pre-sale event, Popular Politicians will hold its official Public Launch. Once the public launch is live, users will be able to buy up to 10 PoPos by digital wallet or credit card. Each PoPo NFT will be priced at 1.776 SOL.

After the minting is complete, PoPo NFTs will then also be available for purchase on the secondary market on Solanart and Solsea. Owners will be able to hold or flip their NFT assets. You can earn royalties from re-sales even after their NFT is sold. And also earn rewards and giveaways by holding your PoPo NFTs.
Founding FathersApril 15, 2022
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Popular Politician's artist is also currently drawing a new NFT art project after the pre-sale and public launch of PoPos is concluded. The project in line for the mid of April this year is the digital art representation of the founding fathers of the United States. A rare NFT collection based on these most popular politicians will be launched into the market. It will give everyone a chance to own the NFTs of their favorite historical personalities.
Media PersonalitiesJuly 15, 2022
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Popular Politician will be launching an NFT collection of different political media personalities in July 2022. This will link the pundits and their ecosystem to PoPos through this collection. Users will have a chance to own NFTs of their favorite renowned media individuals.
CongressNovember 4, 2022
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Popular Politicians will release an NFT collection of different Congress Senators and Representatives towards the end of this year. This way, the network will also represent modern-day political leaders after previously having released NFTs of historic Presidents and Founding Fathers of the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Popular Politician NFTs are digital artwork assets representing 10 Republican and 10 Democrat Presidents. Each President has 1,000 generative art pieces based on our wondeful artists hand crafted work.

Presidents are inaugurated every 4 years on January 20. And so the pre-sale NFT drop of Popular Politicians will be on January 20, 2022.

Popular Politician NFTs will be sold at a set price of 1.776 SOL. SOL is the Solan Coin. The price of SOL fluctures and can be seen here: SOL PRICE. Once these NFTs are minted and sold out, prices on the secondary market may be significantly higher.

PoPo’s supports payment by credit card or by Solana. You can mint using Solana using Phantom, Solflare or any other wallet that supports browser based payments.

Until the mind is finished, the only place you can buy a PoPo is our official website  at to Once the mint is finished, you will be able to buy a PoPo on the secondary market at Solanart or Solsea.

Owners get exclusive rights to participate in events with the network. You will be the first to be notified of the new NFT projects and updates on the platform. They can also earn rewards, giveaways, and a passive income with your PoPo NFTs.

Popular Politicians is run and managed by a skillful team that has come up together to run the network and facilitate the PoPo community.

The project will release its first set of NFTs in a special pre-launch sale to whitelisted participants in January 2022. Popular Politicians will engage with the community through different social channels to build a strong community for the long term.

At pre-sale, you can only buy one PoPo per digital wallet or credit card. In our public launch, you can buy up to 10 PoPos per digital wallet or credit card.

A total of 20k Popular Politician NFTs will be minted. Ten thousand of them will be Republican Presidents, and ten thousand will be Democrat Presidents.

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